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FAQs Internet Banking

Internet Banking

  • How do I increase my daily limits in Internet Banking?

    This can not be done via Internet Banking.  You will need to call the Member Contact Centre on 8202 7777.

  • How do I log onto Internet Banking?

    To use Internet Banking, select the LOGIN button located in the top right hand corner of the Credit Union SA website.

    Enter your member number and Internet Banking password in the spaces provided. Your member number can be found on the bottom left hand corner of your card.

    The first time you use Internet Banking you will be prompted to change your password and accept the terms and conditions of use.

    If you have forgotten your password and have a mobile number registered against your membership select the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the Internet Banking Log In screen.Alternatively call the Member Contact Centre on 8202 7777.

  • How do I access Internet Banking if I have been locked out or forgotten my password?

    If you’ve forgotten your Internet Banking password, simply click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link under the Login button on the Internet Banking Login page and follow the prompts.

    Note: to use this service, you must have a mobile number or VIP device already established on your membership. If you have not set this up call us on 8202 7777.

  • How do I register for Internet Banking?

    You can register for Internet Banking by calling our Member Contact Centre or by visiting your nearest branch. You will be given a default password at the time.

    Alternatively, you can complete the New Accounts and Access Services form and return to one of our branches.

    Once Internet Banking has been set up on your membership you will receive a letter advising you that you need to ring 8202 7777 to obtain your default password.

    Your default password will allow you to log into your Internet Banking via the Internet Banking log on button, located on the right hand corner of every page of this website.

    For security reasons, the first time you log on you’ll be required to change the Password we gave you. This will need to be between eight and sixteen characters long. It’s imperative that you protect this password. Credit Union SA staff will never ask you for it, and you shouldn’t reveal it to anyone else either.

    Learn more about Internet Banking security.

  • What is VIP Security and Tokens?

    VIP (VeriSign Identity Protection) Security is the highest level of security we offer for Internet Banking.

    You must register for VIP Security if you wish to permanently increase your limits for transfers to other financial institutions, and/or BPAY payments made through Internet Banking.

    VIP Security provides an additional layer of security to help protect you from unauthorised use of your accounts via Internet Banking and is made up of the following two options:

    • VIP Access for Mobile; and

    • VIP Security Token.

    These options are referred to as VIP Security credentials. Both credentials generate secure one-time codes that can be used to authorise restricted transactions and protected functions in Internet Banking.

    You must have either VIP Access for Mobile or a VIP Security Token to register for VIP Security.

    VIP Access for Mobile is a free application that you can download from to your mobile phone. VIP Access may not be available for some mobile phone brands or models. After downloading VIP Access for Mobile, your mobile phone can generate a secure one-time code.

    VIP Security Tokens are devices that generate secure one-time codes.  You can obtain a VIP Security Token from us. Alternatively, if you have an existing VIP Security Token issued by someone other than us, such as an online merchant or another financial institution, you may be able to register the token for use with us, providing it is a VIP Token.

    You must register your VIP Security credential (VIP Access for Mobile or Token) via Internet Banking.  A VIP Security credential can be registered against more than one Credit Union SA membership.

  • Why are you changing your Internet Banking?

    • Our new look Internet Banking System has been designed to meet the changing ways our members want to manage their money.
    • It is responsive which means it can be easily and optimally accessed by a tablet or mobile device and intuitive navigation means you can still access all the same services just in an easier to follow format.
  • What is Factor 2 Authentication?

    Factor 2 Authentication is a requirement for Internet Banking- It is a two step authentication process which adds another layer of security to your transactions. A unique code will be sent to your phone, or can be read from a VIP token, then entered into the relevant space where requested.

    Factor 2 Authentication will only need to be completed once in an Internet Banking Session.

  • How do I stop my browser from saving my Internet Banking password?

    Some recent browser updates mean that you may now be prompted to save your Internet Banking password when logging onto Internet Banking.

    If you have saved your Internet Banking password and would like to clear your saved password data, or disable the feature completely, you can do this through your browser settings.

    For security reasons, we recommend you never use this feature to store your Internet Banking password. This is of particular importance when using a public or shared computer as someone else could access your personal information without your knowledge.

  • Why should I use Internet Banking?

    • It is secure and safe - Credit Union SA is committed to keeping you safe while transacting with us online. Industry standard encryption ensures you can feel confident in our technology and processes.
    • It saves time - Pay bills, transfer funds, make a telegraphic transfer anytime, anywhere
    • Convenient 24/7 banking - Out for dinner with friends and need to check your balance or transfer funds? Access your accounts quickly and easily from your smartphone.
    • More helpful - We have added a ‘Transaction List Search‘ facility to enable you to find specific transactions quickly and easily. Far less frustrating than scrolling through your statements!
    • Forgot your password? - Now you can simply yet safely reset it via the secure ‘Forgot Password’ facility.
  • What is BPAY?

    BPAY is one of the most convenient, cost-effective and time-saving ways to pay your bills. It allows you to make payments to over 30,000 billers, and can be accessed through either your Internet or phone banking and Mobile Banking App.

    To use BPAY, follow these simple steps:

    • Find the BPAY logo on your bill. Next to it will be the Biller Code and your Customer Reference Number
    • Log in to Credit Union SA's Internet Banking or call our Phone Banking service on 1300 134 636
    • Select the BPAY menu option and follow the simple instructions to pay your bill
    • Record your receipt number.
  • How do I update my browser?

    Your web browser is the tool you use to view websites on the internet. There are a number of browsers available, with the most popular being Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It’s strongly advisable to use the most up to date browser version to get the best and most secure browsing experience.

    If you need help accessing your browser settings we've provided links to the main browser websites below. Please note that in some cases your browser version may be different from that in the links and you may need to search the relevant browser site for more specific instructions.

    It’s strongly advisable to use the most up to date browser version to get the best and most secure browsing experience.

    Older browsers are not supported and therefore should not be used to conduct your online banking.

    A browser is the program on your computer that you use to visit websites and use web applications. It does not cost anything to update, and can be done in just a few minutes from the comfort of home or work.

    To find out what browser you are currently on just visit

    Please ensure you have updated your browser by 10 June 2016. After this date your older browser will no longer support Internet Banking.

    If you need to upgrade, simply hit on the link below that relates to your browser, follow the instructions and you’ll have updated your browser in a flash:

  • How do I know what browser I am on?

    To find out what browser you are currently on, just visit

  • How do I update my contact details in Internet Banking?

    You can view and update your address and contact details by selecting the ‘Settings’ tab at the top of the screen and then ‘Contact details’, ‘Address details’ or ‘Employer details' depending on what you want to update from the drop down menu. Then simply follow the prompts.

  • What is Internet Banking?

    If you like the convenience of being able to manage your money at any time online, internet banking is the facility that allows you to do this.

    You can:

    • Check balances and transaction histories
    • View statements
    • Transfer funds and manage auto transfers
    • Pay bills with BPAY
    • View your payroll details and interest earned
    • Apply for a loan, credit card or an online savings account
    • Update your contact details and much more.


  • How do I update my mobile or landline number in Internet Banking?

    To protect the security on your account/s you are currently unable to update your mobile phone or Australian landline numbers via Internet Banking. If you need to update your mobile or landline numbers, simply call 8202 7777, or visit a branch. 

  • I have noticed there are new terms and icons in the new Internet Banking - what do these mean?

    Prior to the updated version, Internet Banking had one transfer menu item allowing users to nominate a transfer within the membership, move funds to other members and/or outside of Credit Union SA. 

    The new look Internet Banking has three separate menu items for transfers being:

    • Transfers (for transfers within the Credit Union SA membership)
    • Pay Member  (to other Credit Union SA members)
    • Pay Anyone (for transfers to other financial institutions.) 
  • Do I have to register for Internet Banking to be able to use the Mobile App?

    Yes, to enable you to use the Credit Union SA Mobile Banking App, you need to register for Internet Banking first.

  • What are email receipts?

    Members have the option of receiving email receipts confirming a range of internet banking transactions including:

    • Transfers to other accounts within your membership
    • Transfers to other Credit Union SA members’ accounts
    • Transfers to another financial institution
    • Cheque payments
    • BPAY
    • Loan Redraws
    • Business Banking Transactions
    • International transfers.

    Besides being another form of record keeping, email receipts have the potential to alert you to unauthorised activity on their accounts, thereby enabling you to take appropriate actions.

  • What is phone banking?

    Through our 24-hour Phone Banking service, you can quickly manage your finances without even leaving your couch.

    Phone 1300 134 636 from anywhere in Australia with your Credit Union SA membership number and Phone Banking Access Code and you are able to:

    • Check all your account balances
    • Transfer funds between accounts under the same Credit Union SA membership number
    • Transfer funds to another Credit Union SA member’s account
    • Pay bills using BPAY
    • Check the last 10 transactions on any of your accounts
    • Check interest details for the current and previous tax years. 

    Setting up Phone Banking account is quick and easy. Either:

  • Why should I update my browser?

    If your browser is outdated, the operating system you are working with:

    • may put the security of your online activity at risk
    • may have bugs and limitations that may create problems when you use various websites
    • may make websites harder or slower to use.
    • may not give you the optimum user experience.

    Find out how to update your browser.

  • What if I currently use Mobile Banking Lite?

    Due to the responsive nature of new Internet Banking, you will no longer need to use the separate Mobile Banking Lite facility as new Internet Banking will now work across mobile devices.

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