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“We’re here to help.” Believe it or not, we thought long and hard about that simple opening statement!

But in the end, those four short words capture what Credit Union SA is about better than any reference to our banking expertise and experience ever could. 

We’re here to help South Australians make the most of every cent they have, so that in turn they can make more of life. That could involve help buying a home or car, saving for a holiday, insuring property, or simply getting the household finances under control.

It’s an approach that - coupled with our proud commitment to strengthening our local South Australian communities - has already attracted around 50,000 members.

Should you give us the opportunity, we’d be delighted to help you, too.

How we can help

Credit Union SA's Board of Directors and Executive Management team comprise of high-performing individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds, talents and financial skills.

We’re absolutely committed to keeping your money safe and secure.

Offering the same services as a bank but our highest priority is not to deliver big profits for shareholders.

Work for an organisation you can feel proud of, like Credit Union SA.