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6 Mar 2019

As we look towards the next Federal election and beyond, it’s important to understand both the existing Government and the opposition party’s proposed policies relating to superannuation and tax.

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4 Mar 2019

Emerging digital finance and banking technologies are changing the financial industry’s traditional service structures. As Australians continue the move towards more convenient, cashless banking services, Credit Union SA has sought feedback from members who now expect low fees, good rates, extended hours of support and more digital banking services.

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26 Feb 2019

Recent research has shown that Australia has an insatiable hunger for gambling that puts us first in the world in terms of losses per head of population. This desire for a quick win can sometimes carry over into our attitudes on investment. Some of us tend to look at investing as being all about finding a ‘fast track to instant riches’, such as a hot tip for the next big share market bolter or where to buy investment property. Others will be fixated on seeking clever ways to take advantage of the tax system to make it big.

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11 Feb 2019

Our Special Fixed Rate Car Loan has been awarded a 5-Star Rating for Outstanding Value by Canstar, and has also won Mozo’s Experts Choice award for the third year in a row.

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8 Feb 2019

Most of us look forward to the enticing days of retirement. Having the freedom to do what you want, when you want and the time to indulge those interests and passions that have been put on the back-burner during your working life.

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4 Feb 2019

We’ve added a new range of Mobile Banking App options that allow you to take control of the way your card works. To enjoy our exciting new features, you will need to have the latest app update.

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Latest News

10 Aug 2018

The milestone events in our lives are usually the ones that give us the greatest joy. However, they can also be associated with dramatic changes so it is a good time to make sure we are protected financially. Let’s look at these key events to shed some more light on how we can protect ourselves and those we love.

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1 Aug 2018

The 2018 South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA) starts today with a record-breaking 9000 artists taking part in 700 exhibitions across Adelaide and regional SA, kick starting a month of colour, expression, imagination and creativity across the State.

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27 Jul 2018

Super is the centrepiece of retirement planning but all too often, it is left to linger in the background instead of being given the attention it deserves. After all, with your money and retirement lifestyle at stake, it’s worth finding ways to streamline your super and to take advantage of opportunities to make it work harder for you.

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26 Jul 2018

Renowned artist <b>Louise Haselton</b> has been named SALA Festival featured artist for 2019 at the festival's official opening night gala at the Art Gallery of South Australia tonight (Thursday July 26).

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24 Jul 2018

Strong growth in South Australia’s property sector is great news for those already on the property ladder, but for first home buyers facing a new all-time high $470,000 median house price it can be daunting.

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16 Jul 2018

If you currently have some form of Will, congratulations! You are already ahead of around half the population, who don’t have one at all. While having a Will might be better than nothing, the harsh reality is that many Wills are inadequate, out of date, and not very effective documents for giving proper and fair direction over your assets when you’re gone.

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10 Jul 2018

It's that time of year again. The previous financial year is over, and now you need to collect your receipts and figure out your tax return. Do you gather all of your documents and visit an accountant? Or do you save some money and tackle it yourself?

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7 Jul 2018

The South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival program is officially launched today, with a ground-breaking 9000 artists taking part in over 700 exhibitions and events across Adelaide and regional SA.

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6 Jul 2018

Have you ever returned from a holiday and then realised you missed out on seeing a significant sight or an experience you may never have the opportunity of doing again?

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2 Jul 2018

We can all benefit from making some financial resolutions at the start of the new financial year. Here are five tips, from Bridges, our financial planning partner.

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