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Easy Budget

  • How do my bills get paid?

    You can choose to have your bills paid automatically or they can be paid manually each time. You might even have a combination of situations. Feel free to consider which way you prefer each bill to be paid when we set up the agreement.

  • What happens if a bill comes in higher than estimated?

    Our Easy Budget Account has what we call a ‘Rainy Day’ balance. If a bill comes in for less than the estimated amount the excess funds for that bill are added to this balance. In this way, if there are ever any bills that come in for an amount greater than your estimate, the Rainy Day funds may be utilised to pay these bills.

  • Why are we offering this account?

    At Credit Union SA we are here to help South Australians make the most of every cent they have so they can make the most of what life has to offer. We believe that this service is another way Credit Union SA can help facilitate a better financial outcome for all our Members.

  • How do I access my Easy Budget Account?

    You can access your Credit Union SA Easy Budget Account through your Internet Banking at any time. (If you do not have Internet Banking, we can easily set you up at no cost.)

  • What happens if I miss a deposit?

    We’ll contact you via email or SMS with a courtesy reminder to make the deposit. If you’re experiencing any financial issues, let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to help you work out a solution.

  • Can I change the bills in my agreement during the year?

    Absolutely - you can add or delete bills at any time, and you can also modify the amount or timing of existing bills. (Just keep in mind that this will alter your required deposit amount).

  • How long is an agreement?

    All Easy Budget Account agreements are for a 12-month period only.

  • Can I cancel the agreement early?

    You can cancel your agreement and close your Easy Budget Account at any time, providing your account is not overdrawn.

    However, cancelling your agreement and closing your Easy Budget Account won’t make your bills go away, so we encourage you to stick with the plan. If you want to cancel early, you won’t be able to enter into a new agreement for at least 12 months.

  • What is an Easy Budget Account?

    Easy Budget is a budgeting tool which helps to consolidate and manage your expenses to ease the stress of paying bills. It does this by smoothing out the payment of bills over a 12 month period. In this way, even if all your bills come at the same time, you know they are covered- avoid financial stress, and giving you peace of mind. One regular payment, at a frequency of your choice, will cover all your bills over 12 months regardless of the balance of your account at the time the bills comes in.

  • What do I do when my agreement is coming to an end?

    We will send you a reminder of the upcoming end date. From there, if you would like to proceed and don’t need to change any details in your agreement, you can sit back and relax knowing your Easy Budget agreement will automatically continue without you doing a thing.

    Alternatively, let us know if you would like to update any bills or details in your agreement. We can easily make any necessary adjustments and then set the agreement to proceed for another 12 months.

    Or, if you choose not to continue with Easy Budget, we will cancel the agreement, close your Easy Budget Account and transfer any remaining funds into your nominated account.

  • Are there any fees?

    A $5 monthly account fee will be debited to your Easy Budget Account. We will not charge any other fees or charges for the Easy Budget Account.

    But if you are one of the first to sign up, you will receive the first year free. 

  • Can I withdraw funds from my Easy Budget Account?

    No - your Easy Budget Account can only be used for paying the bills you nominate.  You cannot withdraw cash or transfer funds from it except on termination of the agreement and the closure of your Easy Budget Account.

  • What bills can I include?

    You can include a service or product that you get a bill for, as well as any regular repayment on a credit product. A payment where that payment represents a genuine and personal recurring expense (i.e rent, board or child support) can also be included.

    For a list of the types of bills you may like to include in your Easy Budget agreement, refer to our Easy Budget Account appointment checklist.

  • What if I accidentally paid a bill myself?

    That’s not a problem. We can reimburse you for that amount as long as the bill is included in your agreement and you will also need to bring in the bill and the payment confirmation/receipt.

  • I am not a current member of Credit Union SA. Do I have to bring my banking across if I want to take out an Easy Budget Account?

    No, where you bank is your decision. This will be a good opportunity though to review your banking needs, speak to your Easy Budget consultant to find out how easy this is to do. 

  • How will Easy Budget transactions appear?

    EBA# included in a transaction description within any of your accounts indicates that the transaction has been processed in the Easy Budget system.  You can obtain more detail on the transaction by logging into your Easy Budget account through your Internet Banking and viewing the transaction(s) in your Agreement Overview window.

  • How many bills can I include?

    You can include as many eligible bills as you would like! But you must include a minimum of three bills to be paid from your Easy Budget Account during the term of your agreement.

  • Are there any charges if my Easy Budget account becomes overdrawn?

    No. No charges apply if your account becomes overdrawn. 

  • How long does setting up an agreement take?

    Setting up an agreement will take around 30-45 minutes, depending on how much preparation you can do before your agreement is set up. At your set up appointment we talk you through the account, how to use it, then enter your bills into the system to create the agreement.

    If you can provide all the information we need (in one go) then the process should not take very long at all. Our easy to follow Easy Budget Account appointment checklist provides ideas of many different types of bills you may want to include. Use the checklist to prepare for your appointment and keep things as easy as possible! 

  • If I have an agreement in place, and I lose my job, what happens?

    You will need to come and talk to us as soon as possible so that we can review the situation and identify how we can help you. Bills will still be coming in (even if you don’t have employment) so your Easy Budget Account could actually continue to really help you through a challenging financial period. 

  • What do I do when my agreement is coming to an end?

    We will send you a reminder of the upcoming end date. From there, if you would like to proceed and don’t need to change any details in your agreement, you can sit back and relax knowing your Easy Budget agreement will automatically continue without you doing a thing.

    Alternatively let us know if you would like to update any bills or details in your agreement. We can easily make any necessary adjustments and then set the agreement to proceed for another 12 months.

    Or, if you choose not to continue with Easy Budget, we will cancel the agreement, close your Easy Budget Account and transfer any remaining funds into your nominated account. 

  • What if I need to change a detail in my agreement?

    You may request the following modifications at any time, providing your agreement is not in missed deposit status:

    • changing the due date of a bill
    • changing the payment frequency of a bill
    • changing the payment amount of a bill
    • changing the payee of a bill
    • removing a bill from the agreement
    • adding a bill to the agreement 
    • changing the frequency of your regular deposits.

    To alter any details please contact your Easy Budget consultant, your local branch, or call 8202 7777.

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