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Teachers of SA

Providing inspiration, resources and news to the South Australian education community.

Credit Union SA has created the ‘Teachers of SA’ Facebook page for teachers to share their stories, reflect on their experiences and even have a laugh via social media! 

'Teachers of South Australia' shares the stories (the good, bad and the entertaining) of the lives of South Australian teachers, those working in the education sector and students carrying out studies in education. Share your story, just by sending us a few sentences on your most rewarding, weirdest, funniest or most interesting teaching experience.   

Email your short story (50- 150 words) to, include the details below.

  • First name:
  • Year level you teach:
  • Where you teach:
  • 50 - 150 words on your story (see ideas below)
  • A photo of you in the classroom, in a playground or when you graduated from teaching (iPhone photos are fine). Alternatively, you may also like to include a photo that relates to your story (such as artwork, present or special project)! Please ensure none of the photos have childrens faces in them.

To protect privacy we won't include your surname or name of the school you work at (just the area). By sharing your story, you are providing consent to Credit Union SA to publish the content and image on our Social Media platforms. Credit Union SA reserves the right to edit any stories as we feel appropriate. 

We have come up with some ideas for you:

  • Most rewarding part of the job
  • Why did you want to become a teacher?
  • Biggest influencer in your career
  • Funniest things kids have told you/ funniest moment
  • Friday night ritual to unwind
  • Proudest achievement/break through moment with a student
  • Do you remember the moment you realised that teaching was the right choice for you? What was that moment?
  • What is one thing about the job that you would change?
  • If you could teach children anything, what would it be?
  • If you weren’t a teacher, what do you think you would be?
  • Favourite/weirdest gift from a student (send a pic too!)
  • Most embarrassing moment as a teacher
  • Favourite quote that keeps you motivated
  • Is there a piece of artwork/story that you are particularly proud of?

We can't wait to hear from you!

Please feel free to ask other colleagues to join in. They don’t need to be a Credit Union SA member - anyone involved in education is invited to take part.

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This is Terry's story

"I once had a student called James. He was one of those kids that acted out in the classroom because home life wasn't great. His behaviour was pretty volatile, but get him in front of a computer and you could see the spark. Something clicked for him. He could sit for hours concentrating, writing programs, showing other kids how to do things on our classroom PC.

James has gone on to be the CEO of a very successful IT company, making his first million at age 24. Despite his shaky start, James did alright."

Terry, Retired Secondary School Teacher, after 43 years teaching.

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Supporting our education community employees who are preparing the next generation of South Australians.

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Supporting Education

Originally established by SA teachers nearly 60 years ago, we’ve been providing banking services to education workers ever since.

We provide fundraising opportunities for schools - without them having to donate time or money.

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Credit Union SA is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the 2017 Public Education Awards.