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Savings and Investment Accounts

Student Account Day-to-day banking flexibility that's just right for students

A no-fuss, do-it-all workhorse

Our Access Account for students will serve you well in all forms of transactions. It’s completely free of transaction and monthly fees until you reach the age of 35*, and will give you easy access to your money whenever and wherever you want it.

With payWave, Internet Banking and mobile apps, your money will be at your fingertips whether you're in study mode or planning your summer holidays.

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No transaction fees*

Includes overseas ATM withdrawals.

Free Visa debit card

With payWave access.

Access to 3,400 rediATMs

Huge Australia-wide network.

24/7 banking

With Internet Banking and our Mobile Banking Apps.

Interest rates and fees

Product Name Interest Rate
Access Account 0.00% pa
Fee Amount
Monthly Access Fee
The Access Account is fee free for the entire period that you are studying full time. Once you finish studying it's easy for the account to continue to be fee free. Refer to the Access Account page to see the full qualifying criteria.$0
Transaction Fee
There are no transaction fees on the Access Account*.$0

How we can help

High interest even with frequent access.

Easy access to your money wherever and whenever you want.

Rewarding positive saving habits to help them on their way.

With rapid pre-approvals, you can switch from snoop to swoop in an instant.

*While no transaction fees are charged by us, a fee may be charged by the ATM operator if transactions are performed using an ATM that is not part of the national network of rediATMs. Other fees and charges may apply. This is general advice only and you should consider the terms and conditions before determining whether any of our products are suitable to your situation.